The ecological metaverse

on cardano

Led by Mr. Carrot, EcoLands is a virtual world that combines fun with value creation for the community and social responsibility.

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Simple process to start
Being an EcoLands traveler has never been easier!
Join the community

Join the community and meet Mr. Carrot, his assistants and all the other travelers

Buy your ecolands

Buy your ecolands on mint day, or buy later on one of the secondary markets

Help the planet

By minting ecolands, you will be part of the project and contributing to a greener planet

Hold and earn

Holding some of the special ecolands will give you some rewards regularly

Power levels

The ecolands located on land will show an electrical energy level attributed and the ones in the water will have an oxygen level.

Ground ecolands

For every ground ecoland minted, 10 real trees will be planted on our planet.

Sea ecolands

For every 25 sea ecolands minted, 1 coral reef garden habitat will be deployed on our (real) planet.

Utility of special ecolands

The rarest ecolands are very special: these will “power up” all the others around them ⚡

Wind Turbines

Ecolands with wind turbines will give power to the lands around them.

Coral Reefs

Ecolands with coral reefs will be the source of oxygen to the rest of the sea.

Roadmap - 1st Phase

  • Policy verification

    Creation of policy ID and request to verify it in the main secondary markets.

  • First land sale

    Sale and random distribution of the first set of ecolands, consisting of 4 different types.

  • Interactive map

    First version of an interactive map for easy identification of the location of holded ecolands.

  • Hold to earn mechanism

    Automatic reward mechanism for holders of certain types of ecolands, from royalties generated by the project.

  • Mr. Carrot quests

    Actions to encourage the volume of sales in secondary markets, rewarding holders from certain ecolands decided by Mr. Carrot and the community.

  • APIs integration

    API integration of the main secondary markets, to allow a easier and faster buying process of our ecolands.

  • EcoLands dashboard

    First version of the management dashboard of the holded ecolands, wallet connection, history, management of generated earnings and more.

  • Tokenomics

    Token creation and its utility, allowing the customization and optimization of holded ecolands.

For every mint, we help some ecological organizations


EcoLands Mint will start on May 20th, 2022.
Whitelist mint: 5pm UTC | Public mint 7pm UTC.
The price will be variable. There will be 3 tiers of mint prices, the price you pay will vary depending on how fast you buy your ecolands. Whitelisted members are guaranteed to mint at the lowest price.
First Phase: 58 ADA
Second Phase: 62 ADA
Third Phase: 68 ADA
Yes, the most active users in the community will be part of the whitelist and will be entitled to special conditions on the day of the mint.
No, OG doesn't mean you are part of the whitelist, we offer the OG role to the first 1000 members as a thank you.
Yes, royalties will exist to keep the project evolving and reward ecolands holders. The value will be 5%.
Yes, the project has some collaborations with other communities that have 1 special NFT each in our collection.
You can use any Shelley wallet such as Nami, Eternl (CCVault), Flint, Yoroi or Daedalus. NEVER send ADA from an exchange.